How to Know When Your Social Drinking Is Too Much Drinking

Playing When Is Your Social Drinking a Problem?

The Doctors help a viewer determine if her social drinking is too much drinking.

Jenn says she drinks 3 nights a week and usually has 3 to 4 drinks a night. She says she worries how her drinking might be affecting her health and reveals there are times when she will wake the next morning after drinking and have a pain her side, along with headaches.

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“How much alcohol is too much?” she asks.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that the amount of alcohol she consumes puts her in the category of an “at-risk drinker” or a “heavy drinker,” according to CDC standards. The Doctors note that much of the possible damage that Jenn may have done to her liver is reversible over time if she curtails her drinking.

The Doctors suggest one possible way to cut down on your alcohol intake is by using a measuring device when preparing your drinks, as it is very easy to pour too much and very easy to drink more than you realize.

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The Doctors note that in addition to damaging the liver, heavy drinking can lead to gastrointestinal issues and can age your skin. If you plan to drink, they stress to never drink and drive!