How to Keep Rats out of Your Car

Playing Rats Living in Your Car?

Rats in your car!? Exterminator Nick Isaac comes to The Doctors to share how vermin could become your unsuspecting passenger!

He explains that often these animals get in cars to avoid the elements and cars can provide a warm place for them to hide. He says usually the animals enter the car through its undercarriage and through the hood.

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So how can you figure out if a rodent has made your car its home? Nick says the smell of the car might be the first indicator, explaining it could "smell like a hamster cage," due to rodent urine and feces.

In addition to possibly affecting your health -- rodents are known to carry up to 35 diseases -- Nick says they often chew on parts of the car, which could cause damage to the vehicle and could lead to a crash.

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To avoid rats in your ride, Nick suggests:

  • Eliminate the rodent population in the area where you store and park your car, saying to cut back shrubbery and ivy
  • Use bait boxes to help eliminate the rodent population
  • Coyote and fox urine, which can be purchased, can also deter rodents