How to Hide Vegetables in Meals for Kids

Playing Chef Charity Takes on the Yum-Yuck Crew with Secret Healthy Meals

Are you struggling to get your kids to eat more vegetables? Plant-based chef Charity Morgan might have the answer! She joins The Doctors to share her recipes for her veggie-packed pasta and noodle bowls.

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"Kids eat with their eyes first, so if you're making it a bright color and you call it something that they are familiar with... they're gonna be like, I'm excited," she says of her approach to cooking for children. 

She likes to also swap out traditional foods for healthier options, for instance, instead of using your usual pasta try a quinoa version, which is higher in protein and fiber.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork loved her plant-based creations, but what do actual kids think? We put Charity's plant-based recipes to the test with our discerning Yum-Yuck Crew. Find out what Isaac, Lola, and James thought of these dishes in the video below!

Plus, get Charity planted-based recipes, here!


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