How to Have a Safe Holiday Cookie Swap

The Doctors

Keeping holiday traditions going during a pandemic might seem complicated but with a few simple tweaks, you and your loved ones can take part in a cookie swap or the sharing of baked goods and still remain safe.

The experts weigh in on how to best share your holiday treats and suggest following these tips:

Host a virtual swap: This might not be as exciting but will be a lot safer than gathering. One way is to trade recipes with the group, bake and then meet up online for a virtual tasting. Another way is each household can make their favorite item and then send it to each member in the swap and then all the households can meet up virtually and sample everyone's tasty treats.

Have an outdoor swap: All safety protocols still need to be followed (masks and distancing). Prepackage your baked goods in bags or boxes and set up a table where the goods can be left to ensure interactions are limited. 

Take the year off or do something new: If the thought of baking the usual holiday cookie seems like too much, CNN suggests focusing on making something you love to enjoy yourself without worrying about trading -- and why try something new or even something not even holiday-related. (Find tons of healthy and tasty recipes seen on The Doctors)

HuffPo also shared tips for a successful and safe holiday baked goods and suggests:

  • Ask someone first if they feel comfortable about recovering home-baked items
  • Do not prep food if you are not feeling well (particularly if you are coughing or sneezing)
  • Always wash your hands before preparing food and before eating
  • Use clean and sanitized surfaces to prep

They also note catching COVID from food or food packing is a "very low-risk activity." 

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