How to Handle Your Kids Walking in on You Having Sex

Playing When Your Kid Walks in on You, Don’t Lie

Do you know how to handle the awkward situation of your child walking in on you having sexThe Doctors welcome parenting expert Deborah Gilboa who offers her recommendations on what to do.

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The “Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate” author says “do not panic, you did not break your child… this isn’t damaging."

She suggests to not lie about the situation, as she feels this will backfire on you. She also says that lying about sex can send a message that sex is shameful or that it is okay to lie rather than be embarrassed. She recommends being honest without including all of the graphic details. For instance, if your child sees you with the covers on, you could say you were “cuddling.” If you have already discussed sex with your child, one approach could be saying to your child, “Hey remember we told you about sex? We were doing that.”

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She adds, “We want our kids to bring us their questions about sex as they get older, and not to only think their friends have all the answers.”

Dr. Gilboa also says a lock on the door is important in order to avoid an unplanned walk-in.