How to Handle Discovering Infidelity When Kids Are Present

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Playing Emergency Landing after Wife Discovers Her Husband's Affair

While discussing an incident of a wife finding out about her husband's alleged infidelity while in the air on a plane, The Doctors share tips on how to handle a volatile situation like discovering someone is cheating when children are present.

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After the woman discovered the alleged cheating, the couple -- whose child was traveling with them -- began to fight. The incident reportedly escalated and the pilot decided to land the plane.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares that she has treated many patients who witnessed the aftermath of an affair with their parents and she says many of them communicated that they felt affected years later because they witnessed their parents quarrel about it and felt it was traumatic.

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She strongly suggests not addressing someone's infidelity in front of young children.

"As much as possible, you have to shield your child from it. You have to have these conversations away from your child," she explains.