How to Get Your Best Bra Fitting

Bras for Every Body

Experts estimate that more than 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra! The Doctors and guest experts explain why the proper bra fit is important and how to find the right bra for your shape.

Bra fittings are essential, and changing your bra can change your life. The Bra Doctor, Susan Nethero, helps women choose the right bra:

Bras for Larger Busts

Bras for Breastfeeding

Bras after Breast Reconstruction

Bras for Everyday Wear

Your breasts change throughout your life, so be sure to get fitted for the correct bra every six months. Natori bra fitting specialist Carly Gomez demonstrates a proper bra fitting. See how to find the proper fit for you!

The Bra Doctor, Susan Nethero, reveals her bra fitting tips:

• The average woman changes bra sizes six times in her life, due to changes such as hormones, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, exercise, etc.
• A bra should lie firmly against the rib cage
• 90 percent of a bra's support comes from a firm band
• A 10 percent loss or gain or in weight usually equals a change in one cup size
• A bra should be level front to back across the bodice
• Avoid underwires when nursing
• Breast augmentations require the same support as natural breasts
• Get fitted by a bra-fitting specialist!

Bra EssentialsWill going braless lead to sagging breasts? Possibly. Breasts are held up by ligaments, which attach them to muscles. Over time, the ligaments will weaken and cause sagging. With the correct support, however, women can prevent sagging from occuring earlier.

“You need to wear bras,” says breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk. “Your breasts don’t have muscles in them; they can’t just defy gravity all by themselves. If you let gravity take its toll long enough, your nipples, instead of pointing ahead, will be looking south.”

Sleeping in a Bra

Is it safe to sleep in a bra? Breast specialist Dr.Funk sets the record straight about wearing your bra to bed.

Picking out the correct bra is essential. Dr. Funk suggests wearing a brassiere with an underwire to help with support. “I think some women have an issue, thinking underwires cause breast cancer,” she says. “Do they? Do they not? It is a little bit of a debate, but all of the data points to no. So if you’re more comfortable wearing the underwire, go for it.”

While they help your breasts look perkier, push-up bras can actually cause problems when worn too often. “Push-up bras sort of, like, let my breasts enter the room first," says Dr. Funk, "which is fine and a good thing if you’re trying to be sexy, but every day for the rest of your life you’re going to have to wear the push-up bra, otherwise your nose will be entering the room first. What goes up must come down.”

Workout bras are essential as well because they keep the ligaments from stretching as the breasts bounce. Make sure the elastic material is not worn out, because if it is, the bra is no longer doing its job. “This is most important of all,” Dr. Funk says. “Of all your bras, check your workout bras. You want a workout bra that’s comfortable, and you don’t even need that much lift. You just need [the bra to push the breasts] back.”

High-Tech Sports BraWomen who are well-endowed may get sore breasts after exercise. The average woman is a 36C. During movement, breasts swing in a figure eight motion. All that movement can stretch out your ligaments and destroy supportive breast tissue.

The Natori sports bra is built to eliminate 50 percent of the bounce from traditional sports bras.

See a demonstration of how the Natori sports bra cuts bouncing motion in half and side-to-side motion by 80 percent.

Brajama Game
Brajamagirl, a community member from, suggested that Dr. Lisa try the Brajama, pajamas with a built-in soft-cup bra for support. The creator of the Brajama, Claire Chapin, joins The Doctors to discuss her comfortable clothing line!

Boost Your Bust
Dr. Ordon explains that breast tissue is comprised primarily of glands and fat. The muscle sits below the bulk of the breast, so no amount of exercising can help lift or shape the bosom. Once breast tissue sags, surgery is the only permanent option to restore fullness. The best way to prevent sagging is to wear a well-fitted bra.

A quick and easy way to add volume and lift to your bust is to use Bring It Up sticky pads. The pads lift the breast tissue and reposition the nipple for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Breast Pillow

The Kush breast pillow helps large-breasted women decrease cleavage wrinkles by
keeping the breasts separated.
See how it works!