How to Get the Butt You’ve Always Wanted!

Playing Results of The All-Natural Booty Lie Detector Test Revealed

If you’re like many, you’d love to get a nice, toned, lifted butt. The Doctors have explored several ways to do it safely. (As well as some unhealthy ways like this woman who wants to have the world’s biggest butt!)

The Doctors met Destiny, an Instagram influencer whose natural butt transformation was so unbelievable, they gave her a lie detector test! Destiny was honest; she got her butt through lots of hard work in the gym and proper nutrition. 

Squats are great for your backside but proper form is necessary to get the best results. If you need a little help learning the exercise form, this device may be what you need… even if surgeon Dr. Levi Harrison says it’s a bust! 

If you’re looking to plump that booty, Pilates may be your dream workout. After an eight-week challenge, it certainly worked for these three women!

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving with less invasive and more impressive results. The Doctors go inside the procedure room with Alicia, a woman who wants her butt to return to its former tight and toned self, and aesthetic medicine specialist, Dr. Aleix Bazzi. They are going to lift and tighten her butt with a new procedure, the spider butt lift.

If you’re looking for more immediate, cost-effective results, The Doctors share some workout pants that are designed to boost your backside!

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