How to Get an Instant Lift Without Having a Facelift

The Doctors

If you are looking for a lift to the face, but do not want to undergo a traditional facelift, The Doctors discuss a less invasive option using thread.

We are joined by the Thread Authority's Dina Bendavid who shares a procedure that claims to instantly lift your cheeks. She uses dissolvable sutures, which she says are safe, and explains the body will naturally break them down over time, and in its place collagen will appear. In addition to a cheek lift, she says the procedure can help enhance the jowls and the area around the mouth.

Dina tells us the thread option can help people avoid developing a "filler face." She says too much filler in the face can cause an unnatural appearance and also migrate to unintended areas. Dina feels fillers are oftentimes being used to lift instead of fill and cause a "very distorted face," something she says the threading technique will not result in.

Our thread expert says the procedure usually lasts for around a year and is ideal for someone who is just seeing the signs of again in their face

See a patient undergo the threading technique live in the video below!

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Playing Watch This Instant Cheek Lift Using Only Thread

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