How to Effectively Treat old Scars

Playing Old Scars: The Best Treatment Options

Are you dealing with old scars that you are unable to treat or minimize?

The Doctors meet Heather, who was involved in a head-on car collision and has lasting scars from the accident. She is seeking advice on how to best treat the lasting effects of the car accident that could have killed her. She explains she has used numerous at-home treatments, but without much success.

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Heather shares she's thankful to be alive, but now at times feels self-conscious about the scars, especially when she goes swimming.

Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon explains scarring is the body's way of healing after an injury, cut or surgery and when the scar is somewhere on the body where there is tension -- like the arms or legs -- they tend to spread.

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To treat the type of scars Heather is dealing with, dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra says the most recommended treatment would be a fractional Co2 laser. This treatment can help in the followings ways:

  • Soften the scar
  • Blend the scar
  • Cause the scar to be less demarcated from the surrounding skin
  • Make the scar easier to conceal and camouflage

To help Heather treat her scars, The Doctors have arranged for Heather to meet with plastic surgeon expert Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn, who has offered her a series of laser treatments.