How to Deal with a Manipulative Ex

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Playing Woman Catfishes Herself?

While discussing the case of a woman who allegedly created fake social media accounts and sent herself threatening emails in order to frame her ex-boyfriend, The Doctors share some tips and suggestions on how to handle a breakup with an ex who is manipulative.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho suggest the following tips that could help you deal with a former partner who is crossing boundaries or acting inappropriately.

Ignore: She strongly suggests looking past their behavior if possible and recommends avoiding getting entangled in their behavior or actions. "You just have to ignore it," she says.

Keep it specific and have boundaries: She acknowledges that many former couples might need to communicate, for instance, if they share custody of a child. She says if your ex is contacting at an inappropriate time of the day, say in the middle of the night, to not feel obliged to reply to them right away. She recommends replying at a later time and to reply in a short and succinct manner. "Don't get [involved in] things that might pull you in," she warns.

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 She adds, "If you are really feeling afraid, please tell local authorities. Please tell the police, so they can actually have a record of it."