How to Buy an At-Home COVID-19 Test Online

COVID test

If you are having trouble getting a COVID-19 test in person, you can now order an at-home test online.

The DxTerity COVID-19 Saliva at-Home Collection Kit can be purchased on Amazon. The test kit, which received an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, costs $100 for a single test and is also available in a 10-pack for $1,000.

This test does not require a nasal swab is a "non-invasive easy to use at-home saliva test," per DxTerity.

The company says results are given in 24 to 72 hours after someone's sample is received by their lab located in Los Angeles, and also notes, "The test detects the presence of viral genetic material but will not confirm immunity or detect antibodies."

Find out more about this at-home COVID-19 test, here.

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