How to Avoid Going into Pet Debt!

Playing Ways to Avoid Going into Debt Caring for Your Pet

Pets bring us joy and love, but they can also end up costing large sums of money. The Doctors welcome Madeline Bernstein, president spcaLA, to discuss how to avoid going into debt from a pet.

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The Doctors share that 42 percent of pet owners have gone into debt for pet-related expenses and with Madeline's help, we're sharing ways to cut these costs. She suggests finding a veterinarian that offers a wellness plan, where routine care and exams are free. She also says there low-cost vaccine clinics and microchip clinics, which will help pet owners cut down on their costs.

She also says pet insurance is another option but warns that pet insurance has some of the same issues seen with our own insurance. Issues like preexisting conditions and certain illnesses being excluded from the policies can occur. "You want to read the fine print," she says when deciding on which insurance plan is best for your furry little friend.

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And when at the vet, Madeline stresses that "informed decision making" is key before agreeing to any procedure or treatment. She suggests asking about the options and the costs before making any decision regarding the health and treatment of your pet.


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