How to Avoid Getting Catfished from a Crowdfunding Website

Playing Don’t Get Catfished on a Crowd Funding Site

The Doctors share tips on how to avoid getting scammed by a crowdfunding website.

They explain that crowdfunding websites reportedly raise 4 million dollars per day and that 28 percent of people are donating to strangers on these websites. They point to one example of how a man allegedly faked having cancer in order to raise thousands of dollars on a crowdfunding site.

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They share suggestions from, a website that shares the latest news on crowdfunding frauds and scams. The website and The Doctors suggest:

 - Conducting a reverse image search to possibly determine if the image used in the post has been pulled from another source or if it is an original.

- Do research about the charity, organization or individual before donating.

- If possible, get involved with the charity and be as hands-on as possible and interact with the people running it in order to know if your donated money is going to the right place.