How Shock Waves Can Help Heal Injuries

Playing New Soft Wave Therapy Heals Injuries with Shock Waves?

Could your injury be treated without having to go under the knife or rely on prescription medications? 

The Doctors discuss how shock waves are being used to heal the body. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the therapy is being used to treat, problems with the prostate, erectile dysfunction, muscular injury, and tendonitis. Dr. Ordon says he plans to use the device for his own own tendonitis and prostate issues.

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The device uses a technology similar to the tech used to break up kidney stones but is less intense. Dr. Ordon describes the feeling like a "little pulse" or a small shock. He says the shock waves create a microtrauma in the area treated, which then causes the body to go into a healing mode, and it may stimulate cells to rebuild collagen and elastin. He says it has also been shown to strengthen blood vessels, which is why it can be used to treat erectile issues. 

The Doctors note the cost of the treatment can range from $150 to $300 dollars and is usually not covered by insurance. 

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Shannon, who used therapy for her back pain, calls it "lifechanging" and says she felt a difference immediately. She shares she had 5 sessions, with each one occurring a week apart. Shannon also notes that after just 1 session she felt sensation in her leg that had previously been numb.



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