How Many Members Are in the Mile-High Club?

Playing Are ‘Mile High Club’ Members Putting Their Health in Jeopardy?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors discuss the infamous mile-high club and even share which one of them is a member! (Can you guess?) They discuss a survey of nearly 12,000 passengers in which only 5% of them have joined the club but a whopping 78% would like to!

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Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow says he just read there is so much bacteria on a plane that people should sit in a window seat and put the vent on to avoid some of that bacteria. “If you want to avoid getting sick why on earth would you be having sex in a public plane!” Not to mention, those bathrooms on most planes are so tiny fitting two people in them would be a struggle!

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares one study in which 30% of hookups in the air were found to be between strangers. Where do they happen? In washrooms 59% of the time, in seats 31%, in the galley 9%, and the cockpit 1%. Dr. Nita is most fascinated by the cockpit, wondering how these situations come about! “That’s a whole new meaning to the term friendly skies!” Dr. Dow jokes.

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Which one of The Doctors admits to being a card-carrying member of the mile-high club? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon! He shares that in the 1980s he was dating a flight attendant and on a flight to Hawaii the two of them joined the club!

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