How Man Dropped 130 Pounds in a Year!

Playing How a Sports Reporter Changed the Weight Loss Game

Sports reporter Arash Markazi has always struggled with his weight, but he was able to drop an impressive 130 pounds in just a year and he joins The Doctors to share how he did it.

He tells us after battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma twice that food became a comfort for him and he began gaining weight at a rapid pace. He shares his weight topped out at 329 pounds. Arash was having trouble fitting in seats in stadiums and fastening seatbelts on airplanes.

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"When I looked down at that scale, I realized enough was enough. It was time to take care of myself. I didn't want that number to grow, I wanted to change my life," he tells The Doctors.

The sports reporter joins the show revealing his dramatic transformation, which he says was possible by making small modifications to his lifestyle. He started his weight loss journey by doing 60 minutes of cardio a day, including walking, jogging and sometimes running. He also switched his diet to 1600 calories a day, noting he did not want to feel like he was being deprived. For instance, if he was craving something like pizza he would have a slice and not the entire pie. He credits those 2 small consistent changes for massive weight loss.

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Another key to his success was making himself accountable by sharing his progress on social media. He says some of his followers have been inspired by his weight loss and have begun their own journey after watching him succeed.

Now that Arash has lost so much weight, he's in need of a new wardrobe and The Doctors surprise him a new custom suit from Art Lewin Bespoke.


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