How Louie Anderson Says He Dealt with a Fat-Shaming Father

Playing Comedian Louie Anderson on His 'Abusive Alcoholic Father'

Louie Anderson joins The Doctors for a candid discussion about what he says it was like growing up with an alcoholic abusive father, dealing with being fat-shamed, and his health journey.

The Emmy® winner and star of FX's "Baskets" says his father's addiction issues had an effect on his entire family and shaped who he is today.

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"I've done a lot of work to make myself work through those things... so I don't become that person," the actor, who also penned the book "Hey Mom," shares. Louie says he suffered verbal abuse from his father about his weight. "He would kick the door down to my bedroom when he was really drunk and go,'Get up lard ass! Get up, do some exercises!' So it was a very difficult thing," he tells The Doctors.

Despite the pain of his childhood, Louie says these events also made him who is he today.

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"It made me funny, it made me fight back. It made me a stronger human being, and it made me realize that food was kind of my only protection," he says, explaining that he feels his mom soothed him and his sibling's pain with food

Louie also shares that he has been able to forgive his father for the events of his childhood and is currently going to a 12-step program in order to cope with a food addiction. He shares some advice that he has learned on his journey for other people who are dealing with a food addiction, telling The Doctors, "Get as much support as you can around it and you just have to give up certain things... you can't eat the same amounts of those things."

The actor tells us he has been able to lose "a fair amount weight" recently, explaining, "My goal now in my life is to be healthier and happier and to try to pass everything [I've learned] to other people."