Is This How Long You Should Wash Your Face For?

Woman washing her face
Woman washing her face

The Doctors discuss a new viral tip saying 60-seconds is the optimal amount of time to spend washing your face. An esthetician who goes by LABeautyologist online put the 60-second rule into the world and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says it is a really excellent tip!

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She explains the rationale behind it is that many people mindlessly wash their faces and ten seconds is not enough time to remove all the makeup, dirt, pollution, and oil from the day. Spending a full 60 seconds will do a much better job cleaning out the pores and as a result, your skin will likely start to glow. You can set a timer, or sing a song; rumor has it, the theme song to "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" is a good one!

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Dr. Batra does clarify that this should be done with a gentle cleanser because harsh exfoliants with chemicals like alpha or beta hydroxy acids or granular scrubs can really irritate the skin. Overcleansing can strip down the skin and break its barrier. Dr. Batra advises using that gentle cleanser to do a facial-like massage, and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrates washing all the places on your face as well as your neck.  

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