How Couple Kept Parenthood Dream Alive While Facing Cancer

Playing Did Cancer Derail Couple’s Dream of Starting a Family?

Trish and Greg always dreamed of having children, but when Trish was diagnosed with breast cancer they feared their dreams of starting a family was going to be derailed.

Trish underwent treatment, but a few months later, doctors discovered the cancer has spread to her brain and it was determined she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She had a successful surgery to remove the tumor in her brain, but because she was stage 4, Trish was told she would never be cured of cancer and it would be something they would have to face for the rest of her life.

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They deiced to move ahead with building a family using an egg donor and surrogate. They worried Greg could end up becoming a single father but continued forward with their dream of becoming parents. One year later, they had a viable pregnancy and soon welcomed their new son.

“When they handed [my son] to me it was the best moment of my life,” Trish tells us. “I definitely try to enjoy every day, every moment with him. It’s absolutely worth it.”

Joining the panel, Trish is happy to share that doctors have determined that she is “N.E.D.,” which means “no evidence of disease.” She explains she undergoes regular scans and she has been in remission for 5 years.

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As for her decision to become a parent while dealing with cancer, she shares, “It’s a controversial one, but it’s also a very personal one and it was one that we spent a lot of time deliberating about."

See more of Trish and Greg's journey in their documentary, "Love Always, Mom," and find out more about The Cyan Gray Hope Foundation, here.