How Child Predators Are Using Talking Drones to Lure Their Victims

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Playing Parents Should Be Aware of This New Predator Tactic

Aerial drones are used for a variety of industries including photography, security, law enforcement, farming, weather forecasting, and search and rescue -- but there are also some who are reportedly using the technology for nefarious reasons, including preying upon children.

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The Doctors warn of drones that have the ability to talk and they discuss how parents in Akron, Ohio were cautioned about these types of drones being used as bait on unsuspecting children. The drones can be equipped with programmable voices and dialogue, which then can be used to tell children where to meet. There are even reports of drones using the tactic of asking kids to help find a lost puppy.

With approximately one child abducted every 40 seconds, and with new advanced methods being used by predators, what can be done to hopefully avoid this?

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The Doctors say the "buddy system" is one of the best ways to deter your child from being targeted, as the vast majority of abducted kids are alone when it happens.

Also, they suggest that parents report any suspicious drone activity, especially if seen taking place near a playground or school, to the authorities immediately.