How Cannabis Was Used to Treat Girl's Seizures

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Playing Baby’s Seizures Cured by Cannabis?

Zariah was dealing with a slew of health issues, including having 75 to 150 of seizures every day. Her grandmother and guardian Cyndee turned to cannabis to treat her granddaughter’s health issues. She tells The Doctors that the medications given to Zariah to treat her seizures caused her to be very lethargic and sleep.

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“I knew there had to be something out there that she could use naturally that would help her,” Cyndee says, explaining a friend told he that C.B.D. or cannabidiol might possibly treat the seizures. “I was willing to try anything to make her better, so we went for it. We’re really happy we did. Zariah has come a long, long way since we put her on it. She is talking. She can say, ‘I love you’ and 'dad and mom'… and without cannabis, she wouldn’t have this quality of life that she has right now,” she tells The Doctors, explaining they saw results within a couple of days.

The Doctors explain that C.B.D. oil is not like traditional marijuana and it is not used to get high.

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Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, the medical director of Canna-Centers, also joins the conversation. She says in the five years that C.B.D. has been available that she has been able to treat over 400 children who suffered from treatment-resistant epilepsy, meaning that no other medications successful treated their seizures. She says that C.B.D., one of the compounds in the cannabis plant is not intoxicating, and does not work the way THC does.

She acknowledges that due to how new C.B.D. is there are not yet any long-term studies regarding possible side-effects. She says in the time she has been treating patients with cannabis, she has not seen any long-term side effects.

The Doctors note that they are not suggesting that children should be experimentally placed on medical marijuana and explain these cases are for children who have zero quality of life.

Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new treatment.