How Beekeeping Can Help with PTSD and Anxiety

Playing Beekeeping Therapy for Veterans?

For many veterans returning home from service can result in PTSD and anxiety issues, but a new type of program involving beekeeping is providing them with much-needed relief while helping them reenter their communities.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains for many people with PTSD, they feel a loss of purpose and feel isolated.  She says these programs can help vets rebuild trust and create new bonds within their community, along with gaining a new sense of purpose. 

The Doctors note that PTSD and anxiety rates have dramatically increased in recent years for veterans. Dr. Judy feels these increased rates may have spiked due to people now feeling more comfortable in reporting these issues.

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More information on beekeeping programs for veterans can be found at Heroes to Hives and Bees4Vets.


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