How Baby Mysteriously Tested Positive for Meth

Playing Couple’s Unborn Baby Tested Positive for Meth

The Doctors discuss the disturbing case of a pregnant mother and her unborn baby, who both tested positive for amphetamines even though the mom had not done drugs. We explain how this could have happened.

After three years of trying to get pregnant couple Elisha and Tyler were overjoyed when they found out they were expecting. The couple was shocked when at their six week OB/GYN appointment it was discovered that Elisha and her unborn child tested positive for meth after a routine blood test. The mom-to-be says she was asked by the staff at the doctor's office if she could explain how she and her unborn baby tested positive for meth.

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“I felt like I was kind of being accused of being a user,” she tells us. 

It turns out the couple's newly purchased home was a former meth lab, and trace elements of the drug made their way into the mom and baby's system. Once they found out the home was contaminated, they moved out immediately. The couple tells us the home has to be torn down in order to completely remove the contaminated elements.

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Elisha and Tyler are currently staying with family until they decide what they’re going to do next. They say their homeowner insurance denied their claim regarding the home being contaminated. Judge Mary believes the bank should have disclosed this information to the seller.  Despite their home issues, Elisha says her pregnancy is going well and she feels the baby move and kick every day.

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