How Accurate is The BMI Chart?

Playing Is the BMI Chart Accurate?

The Doctors are weighing in on whether we need to rethink the body mass index (BMI) chart while answering a viewer question about whether the chart is somewhat inaccurate because it does not take into account muscle mass.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork feels that the BMI chart is "not the end all be all." He suggests using a measuring tape in order to get a good indication of your abdominal fat. He goes on to explain that ideally, your waist should be less than half of your height measured in inches.

He says, in general, women with a waist bigger than 35 inches and men with a waist bigger than 40 inches could be at risk for weight-related health issues.

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Dr. Travis stresses the importance of being aware of your waist size and suggests speaking with your doctor about monitoring this measurement if it is an area of concern.