Hot 'Noodz' Recipes You Can Feel Good About Eating!

Playing Guilt-Free ‘Hot Noodz’ Pasta

The Doctors invite you to check out some “Hot Noodz.” Get it? “We all love a big bowl of traditional pasta but these dishes are ones you don’t have to feel any guilt about,” says ER physician Dr. Travis Stork. Check out these two kinds of pasta made with unique, better-for-you ingredients!

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The first dish is a red lentil pasta with pesto. The lentil pasta has more fiber and protein than regular pasta so it will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Dr. Travis whips up his own pesto using spinach as a “magic” ingredient to up the nutrition. Find the entire recipe here. Dr. Travis says “You have to admit this gives you your pasta fix!” Come on, admit it!

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Next up? Chickpea pasta with homemade marinara sauce. By making your own sauce, you avoid a ton of added sugars. And as plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes, “The key with pasta substitutes, it’s all about the sauce.” OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry says you wouldn’t know it’s chickpeas and the sauce is great. Get this recipe here and try it out tonight and see if you agree!