Hot and Affordable Skincare Finds for under $20!

Playing Skincare Finds Under $20

Looking great does not have to break the bank! Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares some of her favorite skincare products that are both inexpensive and could help your skin look its best.

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Gua sha facial: She explains that gua sha is often used on the back and can leave bruises and scape marks, but when used on the face she says it should be done gently. She says it can relax facial muscles, improve circulation and help de-puff the face. She suggests using a jade stone and always use an "upward and outward" motion when rubbing the stone on the face. She says the stone used for a gua sha facial stone should cost between $10 to 15 dollars.

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Self-heating steam masks: Dr. Batra says when these masks are opened the iron powder and water in the mask causes a chemical reaction when exposed to oxygen and heats up on its own. She says it can help with dry eyes and that a pack of 7 is available for only $10 dollars. She also notes these can help you relax and can even be used during a nap.