Horrifying Cause of Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Playing Mom’s Extreme Foot Pain Turns Out to Be Cancer

The body experiences a lot of aches and pains during pregnancy, and Kallie thought the pain in her foot while pregnant with her second child was par for the course. Once her daughter was born, however, the discomfort became significant to the point where she couldn’t even walk properly. 

An orthopedic surgeon suggested physical therapy and after eight months of that, the pain persisted and Kallie got an MRI. When she called for the results she was told she had a mass in her foot and needed to see an orthopedic oncologist. 

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Kallie got her biopsy and after visiting multiple doctors it came back that she had a malignant peripheral nerve sheet sarcoma. This is an extremely rare tumor that occurs in .001% of the population.

The treatment option was amputation below her knee. At that point, her symptoms and pain were worsening and Kallie couldn’t sleep. “I was okay with losing my foot I knew I couldn’t live my life like this anymore,” Kallie says. Her husband, Evan, explains how at peace Kallie was the day of her amputation.

A few months later, Kallie joins The Doctors in studio and shares that she feels fantastic! “I don’t have a malignant tumor attached to my body anymore. I’m becoming more active and I’m able to be with my girls again,” Kallie shares. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork commends Kallie for not neglecting her health, as many mothers do. “The most unselfish thing a mother can do, if something is wrong, is take the time to get it checked out.”

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks what has been the hardest part of her Kallie’s recovery and Kallie says recovery isn’t as difficult as you would think. Everything leading up to it, finding out she had cancer and all that came with it was way worse.

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Not only are The Doctors impressed with Kallie, but also the employees of Össur Prosthetics, who heard about Kallie’s resiliency and motivation to get back into the world. Jami Marseille, a bilateral amputee who works with Össur, is in the audience to gift Kallie with an adjustable foot and an Össur flex run. This will be extremely useful since Kallie’s big goal this year is to run a 5k! Additionally, Jami invites Kallie and her family to the San Diego triathlon challenge presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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