Home Workouts You Can Do in Just Minutes!

Playing Tone Your Core and Waistline in 60 Seconds!

Exercise is good for your mind, body, and soul yet so many people feel like it's too expensive or there's not enough time. However, The Doctors have invited several fitness experts to show you how it can be done at home, for free, and in only minutes at a time! 

Americans spend up to 100 billion dollars per year in hopes of easing their back pain but by strengthening the core you can save your back and your wallet! Celebrity fitness coach and core expert Jessica Schatz demonstrates a 60-second fix to tone the waistline and keep your core stable!

Want to tone that core from the couch (maybe while watching The Doctors)? Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour shows The Doctors this full body workout. 

Again, in just 60-seconds, while on the couch, you can strengthen your body! Here's another workout by celebrity trainer Andrea Marcellus to do at home.

From the living room to the kitchen, Andrea has quick exercise moves for you to test out! Maximize your cooking time with this 60-second move that tones and gets your heart rate pumping!

If you can relate to these time-strapped women struggling to fit exercise into their busy schedules, you can see that it can be done! Celebrity fitness trainer Simone De La Rue demonstrates moves you can do anywhere, anytime, to get an A-list body!

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