Hey Dads: Love Your Kids but Not Their Accidental Kicks to the Groin?

Playing Can Padded Underwear Protect ‘The Family Jewels’?

The Doctors share a new product by Fridababy that promises to protect fathers against "headbutts, Sunday morning bed jumps, and super eager welcome homes.” FridaBalls are padded men’s underwear that will “protect your legacy.”

The underwear retails for $28 and The Doctors think they seem worth it! ER physician Dr. Travis Stork finds the product both clever and funny. 

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The Doctors play a game of “fact or fiction” with their audience members to test their knowledge of what happens when men get hit “down there.” 

Fact or fiction: getting kicked in the crotch lowers sperm count? This is fiction! While it is very painful, typically, getting hit in the testicles won’t lower your sperm count. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that theoretically if your testicles rupture you could have an issue, but that is unlikely.

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Fact or fiction: A hit to the testicles hurts your stomach? Fact! Dr. Travis explains testicles start near your kidneys as a baby and then distend, and when hit, the nerve fibers will travel up making it feel like the pain is in your gut. “You just feel so helpless,” Dr. Travis laments!