Hepatitis C: Should You Get Screened?

Playing Do You Need to Get Screened for Hepatitis C?

The Doctors share the shocking statistic that Hepatitis C kills more Americans than all other infectious diseases, even HIV.

It is now being recommended that all adults, 18 to 79 years, get tested for Hepatitis C, even those believed to not be at risk.

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Marc Makhani describes this disease as a “silent killer,” as people can have it for 20 to 30 years without even being aware they are infected. He says often there can be no signs of the disease until cirrhosis of the liver occurs. He shares it is estimated over 4 million people have Hepatitis C nationwide

Despite these grim statistics, he says there is good Hep C news, as there are now very effective treatment options for the disease. The treatment consists of taking just 1 pill a day for 8 weeks, and the virus can be eradicated from the body.

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The Doctors note people who are at a higher risk of having Hepatitis C include IV drug users, those who have had blood transfusions and possibly people who have tattoos.


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