Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Better and Longer

Playing Parents Struggling with Sleepless Children Seek Help

Getting enough sleep can be tough -- especially for babies and toddlers and their parents!

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Two Doctors' staffers, Josie and Kate, are both dealing with children who have trouble sleeping. Josie's son needs her to fall alseep with him and Kate's daughter has trouble sleeping through the night. We called on sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta to help our 2 sleepless moms and possibly find a much-needed solution. 

Dr. Raj says when it comes to kids and sleep, “One size does not fit all,” and notes what works for one family might not work for others.

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Some of Dr. Raj’s tips that might help include:

  • He stresses to get rid of technology and screens before bed.
  • Instead of screen time, he suggests 20 to 30 minutes before bed having a soothing routine or ritual, like reading a book together.
  • For babies who might get hungry after bed, Dr. Raj suggests that overfeeding when they wake can cause them to stay awake longer. He notes that “dream feeding,” where the baby is nursed just a little more can help them fall back asleep.

Dr. Raj offers to continue to help Kate and Josie with their kid's sleep issues and suggests they both keep a journal of their sleep habits.