Help for Sideways Arms?!

Playing Woman’s Arms Are on Sideways from the Elbow Down!?

Kelley reaches out to The Doctors to see if there is anything that can be done about her “sideway arms.” Kelley is joined by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bal Rajagopalan in the examining room to give her arms a look.

Kelley explains that her arms are on sideways from the elbow joint down. This prevents her from having a complete range of motion, for example, she can’t turn her palm up to the ceiling. She says she also can’t take change, hold a tray, and it’s uncomfortable after a while when she is holding the phone to her ear.

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While ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Kelley that this makes her unique and special, Dr. Rajagopalan explains while her arm is off a bit compared to the average population, he has seen this condition where her carrying angle is off, called valgus, so she’s not that special… in a good way.

Dr. Rajagopalan says people should worry if there is pain or too much numbness or tingling, or if they are losing grip strength. That is when you come to an orthopedic surgeon like him. As of now, Kelley just needs to keep being unique and accept her condition.

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Dr. Travis notes that if you do have abnormalities in your joints or notice any pain, it is a good idea to get it looked at sooner rather than later because in some cases there are things that need to be done. Kelley however, is just fine.