Help, My Breast Implants Are Hurting!

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Lauren joins The Doctors to discuss the pain she is having from her breast implants and what, if anything, are her treatment options. Lauren shares that she got her implants in 1983.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon asks Lauren some questions to try and diagnose the issue. He asks if she has seen any other changes with her implants and if there is pain.

Lauren says that she is very uncomfortable at this point and there is pain on both sides but mostly her left breast.

Dr. Ordon explains the pain could be the cause of a ruptured implant or capsular contracture. He asks Lauren if her breasts are still firm and she says they are. She shares that she has had a change in shape.

Dr. Ordon says she’s probably a good candidate to remove her implants. He also reviewed her breast x-rays and he is suspicious that there is a rupture on her left side. It appears there is a crease or a fold and he thinks there may be a failure of some sort with the outer shell. Dr. Ordon brings board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers to further weigh in.

Dr. Rogers explains that older implants, like Lauren's, are a little softer, and use a liquid gel instead of a cohesive gel. He says the new gels don't leak, shift or move in bodies but the old ones are literally liquid. If an implant ruptures or a capsule tears, silicon can travel a short distance in the body. Dr. Ordon notes, luckily, it doesn’t look like silicon has traveled in Lauren.

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Dr. Ordon asks Lauren what her goals are. Does she want to keep her breast the same size, get a lift, and does she want to eliminate breast implants all together?

Lauren says that yes, she would like to not have breast implants at all. She would like them to be reconstructed with a lift so that they will look normal.

Dr. Rogers says there are two options. If she is okay with a smaller size, they can do a lift and remove the implants. If she wants to maintain her size, they can do a fat graft. This is where they use liposuction from other parts of the body to graft the fat within the breasts.

The costs for both procedures are similar; Dr. Rogers say depending on how many areas need liposuction, fat grafting can be slightly more expensive, but not significantly so. Dr. Rogers then offers to waive his fee and perform Lauren’s corrective surgery!