Help! My Anxiety Is Causing a Stutter!

Playing Woman’s Anxiety Causing Her to Stutter

The Doctors meet Camron, a woman with PTSD, who shares a video of herself stuttering while in the midst of an anxiety attack. Camron says she was diagnosed with PTSD five years ago, and the past three years she has about two to three anxiety attacks a year. She says they include violent shaking, chest pain, it’s hard to breathe, and the last time she had one, stuttering.

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“I’ve never stuttered in my life before. I’ve done public speaking. It’s just not me,” says Camron. She asks The Doctors what is going on in her brain and is there anything she can do to prevent it from happening or stop it while it is happening?

Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow is in the audience to address Camron’s question. He explains during an anxiety attack there are stress hormones that can cause these sensations like feeling both tired and wired at the same time. He says people with PTSD have an overactive limbic system which causes all types of physical reactions during an anxiety attack such as sweating, a racing heart and sometimes, stuttering. 

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The Doctors want to help cure this issue. Someone who stutters all the time would see a speech therapist but in Camron’s case, she needs to treat the PTSD. The Doctors have contacted PTSD expert Dr. Eugene Lipov who has had much success using an injection to treat patients with PTSD. The injection is called a stellate ganglion block and it has worked to turn the system down to the pre-trauma state. Dr. Lipov has invited Camron to fly to Chicago to get the injection free of charge!