From 'Healthy-ish' to Healthiest: What TV Host Samantha Harris Eats in a Day

Playing Host Samantha Harris Shares How to Live Your Healthiest Life Possible

Samantha Harris is an Emmy award-winning host who when diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 years old realized she wasn't living as healthy as she thought. "I realized it's what I'm putting in, on, and around my body that led to my breast cancer," she explains. The author of "Your Healthiest Healthy," Samantha joins The Doctors to show them how her daily diet has changed from "healthy-ish" to healthy!

Healthy-ish: Coffee and a banana. Then at around 11 AM, turkey bacon, low-fat yogurt and possibly some orange juice. Samantha now knows her yogurt was chock-full of sugar and chemicals!
Healthiest: Kitchen sink smoothie. Samantha adds everything she needs to integrate into her life to make her healthier into this smoothie. It contains several ingredients including greens, berries, seeds for omega-3s, matcha green tea powder and sometimes bee pollen! She warns viewers a high-power blender is needed, otherwise, you'll be tasting and chewing your smoothie.

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Healthy-ish: That 11 AM meal often acted as Samantha's lunch too! Sometimes she would have a turkey sandwich. 
Healthiest: A huge salad chock full of vegetables, plant-based proteins like lentils and garbanzo beans, and antioxidant-rich spices like turmeric. She sometimes even eats black bean chips when she needs some crunch. While the chips are still processed and she says fresh, whole foods are best, switching from regular chips to black bean ones are a small step in the right direction.

Samantha explains her book is a comprehensive action plan. It deals with everything from nutrition to building positivity. She explains it breaks everything up into small steps, like going for those bean chips instead of potato!

Healthy-ish: Breaded chicken and a side of white pasta.
Healthiest: Samantha makes a black bean sweet potato burger. She says another small step is subbing white pasta for whole grain or bean-based pasta. 

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Samatha also adds how she used to be afraid of fats and would say she didn't like avocado (ER physician Dr. Travis Stork is aghast to hear this). Now, however, she knows avocado, seeds, and other healthy fats are good for you. Dr. Travis notes those fats prolong your life, reduce cancer, and they don't make you fat, they make you healthy!

Lastly, for dessert, Samantha will have a small piece of dark chocolate to combat her sweet tooth. Dark chocolate that is 70% or higher cacao has amazing antioxidant and health benefits. 

You can eat like Samantha by following her recipes here!

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