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The Doctors
The Doctors

The Doctors are joined by Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, who shares his fasting health hacks that can help you lose weight.

The “Fast This Way" author, who used to weigh 300 pounds, says fasting helped him lose weight and keep it off. "I like it because it takes the guesswork out of diets... no matter what [you] eat, you learn when to eat and the magic happens," he shares.

He contends if someone waits for 16 hours or more between their last meal of the day and their first meal of the day they will succeed in weight loss. 

Dave says between meals people should not be expected to feel shaky or cold and explains that using his "fasting hacks" will help.

- Drink caffeine - Drinking coffee can help ease the time between meals and Dave says can "turn off hunger"

- Add prebiotic fiber to your coffee - Dave says prebiotic fiber, which comes in a powder form can lead to fewer cravings  

- Start slow with fasting - Dave suggests that women -- who he says can develop thyroid or irregular hormones when fasting too much -- fast every other day or take the weekends off when they begin

- Break your fast with protein and non-inflammatory fats - He says when you opt for these foods -- instead of carbs -- it can help reduce future cravings

- Freeze your leftovers - Dave says when proteins in foods like fish, pork, or tofu begin to break down they can release histamines as they sit in your fridge as a leftover, which can cause a craving - to avoid this, he suggests freezing these foods

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