Have You Tried This Procedure for Chronic Back Pain?

Playing Woman’s Back Pain Is Consuming Her Life

The Doctors meet Faith, who is dealing with chronic back pain. Faith shares that it began out of nowhere. One day while sitting at her desk at work, she felt a sharp pain in her back that made her have to lie down on the floor. Faith went to see a back specialist but to no avail. From that day on, Faith says she has tried so many ways to get rid of her back pain -- cortisone shots, acupuncture, massages, at-home therapy, hot pads -- and yet she says she is in pain for 90% of her day. She tells The Doctors she feels like right under her shoulder blade there is a weight hanging on it, pulling her down.

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The Doctors say that back pain comes in all shapes and sizes. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork attributes the frequency of people with back pain to modern society with people sitting often and always being on their devices.

The Doctors invite pain management specialist Dr. Akash Bajaj on to see if he could offer Faith any help. Dr. Bajaj looked at Faith’s MRI and found that it looks completely normal. This made Dr. Bajaj think that the pain could be a muscular issue.

Dr. Bajaj suggests that Faith try PRP or platelet rich plasma. This is a straight-forward procedure where a small amount of blood is drawn and then using a machine, the platelets are separated from the rest of the blood. Those platelets are then reinjected into the affected area as a way for the body to heal itself.

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Dr. Bajaj then surprises Faith by telling her Remedy Spine and Pain Solutions is going to offer her a session at no cost to her. Dr. Travis adds that he is going to share some of his favorite at-home therapy balls with Faith. You can see his picks here.

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