Have You Seen the Man with Rippling Muscles?!

Playing The Bodybuilder with Muscles That Ripple!

Uzoma Obilor is a 22-year-old bodybuilder with a unique ability to ripple his muscles. He comes to The Doctors asking if they can tell him what this is! Some of his social media followers call it “Alien Gains” but he’s not an alien… is he?

Uzoma shares these muscle ripples happen all over his body in places like his chest and lats, but also, in his legs. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks some questions to gain a better understanding. Uzoma tells Dr. Travis he is otherwise healthy and normally the ripples don’t cause pain. Uzoma shares the only pain he sometimes has is in his legs and it feels like a cramp or spasm. This last for about 5 – 10 seconds.

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The Doctors invite physiotherapist Dr. Nick Curti to give Uzoma a more thorough exam. Later in the show, Dr. Curti and Uzoma return to discuss their findings. Dr. Curti jokes they have ruled out that Uzoma is an alien!

Dr. Curti shares that Uzoma’s physical signs and symptoms are consistent with a condition called rippling muscle disease. While he can’t give a definite diagnosis here, he says even if Uzoma has the condition, it’s very benign. It’s not life-threatening and going forward it won’t have any effect on his life! 

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Dr. Travis points out that it’s almost a shame it’s called a “disease” because that sounds scary and Uzoma has nothing to worry about! 

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