Happy Ending for Dog That Survived Firework Accident!

Playing Puppy Recovers from Severe Firework Injuries

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

The Doctors meet Braveheart, a dog who managed to survive the unthinkable!

Tracy, from the Saving Huey Foundation, tells us, "It was painful for me to understand how someone could that. How someone could create such carnage," she says of Braveheart's injuries, which she believes was caused by someone putting a firework in the dog's mouth.

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She received a call from a good samaritan about an injured dog found on the street. At first, she did not think the dog would survive and feared the dog would have to be put to sleep. The dog had lost all of his teeth, his nose was unrecognizable, and his jawbone was destroyed.

Despite his numerous gruesome injuries, a surgeon was able to operate on the dog, which Tracy named Braveheart, and she's happy to share after 4 surgeries and 2 months later, he's doing great. She says Braveheart has been able to acclimate with the other dogs at the foundation. "He's got energy, he's got love, he's just a normal dog," she says.

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"What a wonderful thing you are doing, taking in dogs like Braveheart, who have had a rough go of it, and giving them a second chance at life, " ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Tracy.

"I just love working with kind of the underdog, the ones that other rescues maybe can't afford, or maybe they are not highly adoptable," Tracey says of her foundation.

In addition to dogs being adorable and loving, Dr. Travis notes that having a dog can have a slew of positive health benefits including, lowering your blood pressure and increasing your activity levels.