Hangry? Quick, Try These Three Recipes!

Playing Hangry Cures from The Trim Healthy Mamas

The sisters of Trim Health Mama and authors of "Trim Healthy Mamas Trim Healthy Table" cookbook, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, join The Doctors to share the recipes for their “Hangry Pockets.” 

The women explain how their book becoming a success was a fluke! The sisters were done with dieting. They wanted to celebrate food and needed to eat in a way that was sustainable, especially because they have big families. (Very big! Pearl has five children and Serene has fourteen, five of which she adopted.) Serene explains they stumbled upon an approach which made them enjoy food and they decided to write and self-publish their own book. 

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The women wrote the book thinking maybe they’d give some copies to friends and instead, they got a call saying, “Congratulations on being a New York Times bestseller!” 

From their cookbook, the women share three recipes for “hangry pockets,” which are meals you can make in advance and keep in the freezer so that when you’re hangry, you’ll have healthy food available before you can run to the cabinets to eat those chips!

They have a pizza chicken, a Tuscan salmon, and turkey tacos for The Doctors to sample! Each one is cooked in parchment paper and full of healthy proteins and veggies. The pizza one has all the “yumminess of pizza without that white crust goo.” The salmon has flavors of the Mediterranean like feta, Kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. Lastly, Pearl explains, “Turkey meat can be dry. Not when you put it in this pocket especially with all the seasonings, beans, salsa… so easy!” 

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Stop your hangry moods before they begin by preparing all three of these recipes found here!

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