Is a Gummy Vitamin Not as Effective as a Traditional Vitamin?

Playing Are Gummy Vitamins Less Potent?

Gummy vitamins are easy to take and usually taste great, but are they less effective than a traditional vitamin? 

The Doctors weigh in on a question from a viewer about whether she should taking the gummy version or if she needs to be taking the type of vitamin you swallow. The panel explains that gummy vitamins provide you with the same vitamin levels as a traditional vitamin, and may actually absorb into your body better because you are chewing them.

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They do note that certain types of gummy variety may require you to consume more of them to get an equivalent amount of nutrients.

The Doctors also reveal that if you are looking to increase your iron levels, a gummy is not an ideal choice as the nutrient is not readily available in this form. Additionally, gummy vitamin C is packed with ascorbic acid, which can sit on your teeth after chewing and break down enamel.

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As always, speak with your doctor or medical provider before taking any new vitamin or supplement.

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