Grab These Superfoods Next Time You Shop!

Playing Hot Superfood Trends to Help Boost Your Health

Trends expert Charles Greathouse joins The Doctors to share the hottest nutrition trends at the moment. Charles and our friends at Walmart say that 145 million Americans shop in their stores each week so he’s got some insight into what people want. He says everyone today is trying to get closer to earth and remove unnecessary ingredients in their supplements.

Charles has three types of raw powders that contain just one ingredient. The powders are turmeric, maca and cacao. They are organic, non-GMO and clean label powders that can be added to smoothies and other morning beverages and foods.

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Charles shares a smoothie made from the recipe on the back of the powder bags containing cacao, maca, frozen bananas, and a few other fruits and veggies. (Get that recipe here.) Charles says maca root has great benefits such as hormone balancing and OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry adds that for this reason, it is great for women with menopausal problems like trouble sleeping, hot flashes and lack of sexual desire.

The next nutrition trend Charles shares is magnesium. This essential mineral is not new but its connection with managing stress is. Charles says they carry it in all forms: powders, soft gels and tablets. Plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon says in addition to being a great stress-buster, magnesium is also great for bone health and keeping blood pressure at bay. He says ideally you want to get as many nutrients from our diets as possible but if you are not getting enough you may want to add a supplement. Internist and Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez says to take whatever the FDA recommendation is for magnesium but agrees it’s a great adjunct to any diet.

The last product The Doctors know well, Omega-3s from fish oil. Charles says a fatty fish every day will get you about 500mg of Omega-3s but that’s a whole lot of fish! Their soft gels have 500mg so you know you are getting enough from the supplement itself. Dr. Ordon reminds people that our bodies don’t produce Omega-3s so while you can get some from foods you may not be getting all that you want. Omega-3s are important in dealing with heart disease. Dr. Ordon shares heart-related issues are the number one health issue in the U.S. with 28 million people affected.

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People have complained about taking Omega-3s because they sometimes burp up a fish taste but Charles says these pills are lemon flavored so now you may just burp some lemon. “That’s a lot better than burping those fish,” says Dr. Ordon! The pills are also concentrated so you don’t have to take as much oil so there’s a lot less you may burp back.