Is Going Barefoot in Public Good for You?

Playing Is Going Barefoot in Public Good for Your Health?

The Doctors discuss the growing trend of people skipping shoes altogether and going barefoot everywhere, including public places. The Doctors invite Podiatrist Ali Khosroabadi to talk about if this trend is a buzz or a bust. Dr. Khosroabadi explains that our feet are complex mechanical structures and there is a benefit to going barefoot, especially for children who need to build up those feet muscles. However, he advises going barefoot inside the home, not outside where you don’t know what is on the surface.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra expresses her concern with walking barefoot; it opens you up to a host of possible infectious agents as well as the likelihood of puncture wounds.

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Dr. Khosroabadi adds that you could carry a virus from your foot into your home and pass it onto your family. The Doctors all agree when you’re leaving the house, put those shoes on!