GloZell Green, YouTube Star, Reveals Hoarding Confession

Playing YouTube Glozell Green’s Hoarding Confession

YouTube star GloZell Green is known for making her fans laugh out loud with her popular videos, but she has come to The Doctors to share a personal struggle that is far from funny.

"I'm a hoarder," she confesses to The Doctors. "I live in a mess of a house, and I don't know how to stop it." She says of her clutter which has invaded every room of her home and even her car. She is unable to sleep in her bedroom, due to how much stuff she keeps in the room. GloZell tells us her hoarding has been going on for over 20 years and after many attempts to change, she continues to struggle.

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The social media star comes from a family of hoarders, and she says her mom also hoarded. She doesn't want her daughter O'zell to follow in her cluttered footsteps.

"I've lost everything due to my hoarding, I mean everything. Career, marriage... I've got to end it before I lose my child," she says.

She reveals her need to "keep everything" extends to things like fingernail clippings, Band-Aids, and even her cousin's umbilical cord. GloZell feels her hoarding contributed to her marriage falling apart and desperately wants to change for the sake of her daughter. 

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Professional organizer and declutterer Tracy McCubbin helps GloZell with her hoarding and begins the process of purging items she does not need from her life and home.

"If you don't wear it, and you don't use it, and you don't love it, then it's just clutter, " Tracy says of the things in GloZell's home. The "Making Space, Clutter Free" author says GloZell is holding on to the past with these items and needs to remember that her best days are ahead of her and not tied to things she has accumulated over the years. She also feels GloZell is suffering from feeling a lack of self-worth and also possibly depression.

Find out if GloZell was able to make any progress on her hoarding struggle and find out Tracy's generous offer she makes her to ensure that the YouTube star succeeds at combating the clutter, in the video below.


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