Get That Flat Belly with This Ab-tastic Video Roundup

Playing Want Muscles? Here's How to Get Them!

If you’re looking to tone up and lose belly fat, The Doctors have some tips for you! They’ve gathered experts, read studies, shared recipes and even tested the latest cosmetic treatments to help you get the abs of your dreams.

Shape Magazine Consulting Fitness Director Jen Widerstrom says how you breathe makes all the difference when working your abs. Are you doing it properly? Watch the above video to find out.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork wrote a whole book on how to lose your belly. He focuses on foods that are good for your gut bacteria and are full of fiber and protein. Check out these two dinners recipes that are good for you and your wallet!

Belly fat can be dangerous for your health making you susceptible to many diseases. The Doctors share a study which found ab and total body fat were associated with low levels of vitamin D. Getting some sunlight, taking supplements (check with your doctor before use) or eating fortified foods are all ways to increase your vitamin D levels.

You can see why Chiropractor Dr. Brian Abasolo got his nickname, Dr. Abs. He shows how he keeps those abs using his favorite device, the ab wheel. 

The Doctors met two men who went from obese to ab-solutely fit after making some major lifestyle changes. They offer their tips which helped them get their six packs. 

If you already have your diet and exercise under control and no matter what you do, you have stubborn belly fat that just won’t budge, there is a 15-minute non-invasive procedure you may want to check out! The Doctor’s tester Monica was thrilled with her results.

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