The Flu Vaccine + Erectile Dysfunction Drugs to Treat Cancer?!

Playing Cancer Breakthrough Linked to ‘Little Blue Pill’ & Flu Vaccine?

The Doctors discuss the findings of a Canadian study in which researchers tested the mixture of inactive flu vaccine with erectile dysfunction drugs on mice with lung cancer. After cancer surgery, the human body often has a suppressed immune system. When combining ED drugs with the flu vaccine, there was a 90% reduction in the spread of the disease! The scientists were so blown away that they are putting together a human clinical trial to explore these findings.

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Oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro joins The Doctors to discuss these findings that he says are “exciting on a lot of levels.” Dr. Piro further explains that the immune system has a delicate balance of natural killer cells which are meant to kill off viruses and infected cells, and other suppressor cells, which pull back those killer cells when they get too aggressive.

Dr. Piro says surgery tends to stimulate the suppressor cells and pull back the killer cells so after surgery the immune system isn’t functioning as well as needed. This study showed the combination of the flu vaccine and ED drugs changed that balance of cells and was helpful in killing off those lingering cancer cells.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra further clarifies that after an initial cancer surgery, there are often secondary tumors. The study is using this drug mixture to fuel those cells to get rid of those tumors. They are manipulating the immune system, helping it do what it is supposed to do, adds Dr. Piro.

Dr. Piro says there is a desire to treat cancer naturally and that does happen all the time. However, people shouldn’t think they should not remove their tumors, because that will lead to nothing good. 

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Dr. Batra wants to note that while this drug combination sounds promising, this study has only been done on mice. She warns people to not attempt making this mixture and using it on their own! The human trial is just about to begin with 24 people with abdominal cancer, and the way it will play out is still unknown. Stay tuned!