The Fitness Marshall's Must-Try Workout

Playing ‘The Fitness Marshall’ Workout!

Caleb Marshall aka "The Fitness Marshall" has taken the internet by storm with his unique cardio dance routines that have garnered him over 210 million views. Caleb combines his passion for popstar choreography and fitness and puts them out there for anyone to do! His music video-style workouts are so popular that Caleb is now hitting the road with his live tour. He stops at The Doctors to show off his moves and share more of his story.

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Caleb explains that from a young age, he felt like an outcast, but was inspired by Brittany Spears. He started dancing in his room, just for fun, but when he got to college, he was given the opportunity to teach dance fitness classes. “This is my dream! I’m Brittany Spears and Richard Simmons at the same time!”

Caleb explains it just really took off and he found it incredible to see so many people connecting with dance. Caleb is not a trained dancer so he just wanted to give normal people a place to feel sexy and confident! He says that while it’s about fitness and weight-loss, it's also about mental health and spiritual health. He shares an inspiring story of a little girl with a brain tumor who said his videos were the only things that kept her okay and smiling before she went in for surgery. 

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"The Fitness Marshall" and his crew bring some dance moves to The Doctors. Want more? To join The Fitness Marshall live, check out his tour here

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