The Final Results! Man Returns after Skin Removal Surgery

Playing Man Who Lost over 300 Pounds Returns after Skin Removal Surgery

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Last season The Doctors met John, a man who challenged himself and succeeded in losing over 300 pounds. John initially was 540 pounds when he began his weight-loss journey by making a video of himself cleaning out all the junk food in his house.

Last February John joined The Doctors on stage after his weight loss. John was left with a massive amount of extra skin, so The Doctors arranged for him to undergo skin removal surgery with plastic surgeons Dr. Daniel Barrett and Michael Zarrabi. 

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Dr. Barrett and Dr. Zarrabi teamed up together to get most of the surgery done in the shortest amount of time. The Doctors' cameras were inside the operating room to capture John’s surgery.

The Doctors show John’s before surgery photo and then invite John out to reveal his results!  John says he feels really great and blessed. He says he has had no major complications or problems with his healing. Now that the excess skin is gone, John is enjoying going on runs with his wife. 

His plastic surgeons also join the discussion. John was operated on about 6 months ago, and he still has even more healing to do and there is still some swelling that will come down. 

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Dr. Zarrabi shares how inspired he is by John. “I will never forget… I saw the video of you throwing away food and I knew you were going to make this amazing change in your life.” John jokes that if you see that video, you will notice there is a bite mark in the pizza he is throwing out. He says he needed one last bite before he threw it away. “If I can do it as I’m literally munching on pizza as I’m throwing it away, I know everyone else can.”

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