Filmmaker Examines ‘Normal’ Life with Down Syndrome

Playing Woman with Down Syndrome Questions 'Normal Life' in Compelling Documentary

The Doctors welcome Annemarie Carrigan, star of the documentary “Normie,” and filmmaker Kurt Neale to discuss what is "normal" when living with Down syndrome.

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"This idea of trying to be normal is killing us. This idea of, 'What is normal?'" Kurt says when asked what inspired him to tell Annemarie's story in his powerful documentary. The director explains that he and Annemarie teamed up and looked into what is "normal" and ask the question if any of us truly are "normal." "Annemarie's world really opens us all up to look at ourselves," Kurt says.

Annemarie, who struggles with feeling alone every day, says filming the documentary helped her feel more accepted and caused her to realize that she's not as alone as she might feel. She also says the documentary helped others open up.

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The Doctors surprise Annemarie, who tells us she loves books, coffee, and the TV series "Gilmore Girls," with actor Scott Patterson, who played Luke on the popular series. Scott joins Annemarie on The Doctors stage and shares a loving and inspirational message with Annemarie and our viewers.

Find out how you can watch "Normie."


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